41-1035 Xenon Industrial Rechargeable Lantern 

Price: $39.99 

Product Specifications
Lumens: 102
Run Time: 4 Hours
Beam Distance: 30 Meters
Bulb Type: Xenon
Batteries: Rechargeable
Product Dimensions: 8.46" L x 5.31" W
Dorcy Craftsman ultrabeam 41-1035
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The Dorcy Xenon Industrial Rechargeable Lantern features a super bright Xenon bulb with 102 lumens of light output and a 30 meter beam distance. A sealed rechargeable battery provides 4 hours of continuous operation and a built in battery power indicator keeps you informed of how much power you have left. Made from industrial grade, high impact ABS plastic, this lantern can withstand a 3 meter drop test. Other features include weather resistance for rugged outdoor use and solid state components for dependable performance and long life. Comes complete with an AC charging adapter that plugs into a standard household 120v – 60Hz outlet and will charge to full capacity in only 16 hours.

Product Specifications
Lumens: 102
Run Time: 4 Hours
Beam Distance: 30 Meters
Bulb Type: Xenon
Batteries: Rechargeable
Product Material: ABS
Product Dimensions: 8.46" L x 5.31" W
Bezel Diameter: 5.32
Product Weight: 3.0 lbs
Product Weight: Packaged 3.35
Available Color(s): Yellow
Switch: Push Button Switch
Additional Features: High Output Xenon Bulb for Superior Brightness
High Impact ABS Plastic for Superior Durability
Built in Battery Indicator, Water Resistant
Same Light as the Craftsman Ultrabeam
UPC: 035355410358
Available may 30th
Overall Customer Rating: (4.69)
Date:  12/18/2013
I HAVE HAD many of these lanterns over the years. Bought my first as a Craftsman approx 12 years ago. I have dropped them dozens of times. I have only managed to destroy one case over the years. Buying 3 more for Christmas gifts. I would like to Thank Dorcey for keeping this reliable lantern available to the public.
Date:  11/23/2012
I first bought this flashlight in the early '80s (30 years ago) as a Black & Decker branded flashlight and then a second as a Sears branded flashlight. Without question these were the best flashlights for home use. I bought several of these flashlights as Christmas gifts. I checked Dorcy's web site and discovered that the replacement battery for the old Sears flashlight was the same as the current Dorcy flashlight. This flashlight had to be very similar in addition to looking the same. I decided to go ahead and order it and decided that I would install a new seal-beam bulb when I received it. When it arrived, I opened it up and I decided that a seal-beam bulb could be install in it. I went to Sears and bought a replacement GE seal-beam bulb (They are also available from Dorcy) for $3.97. I installed the GE seal-beam in the new Dorcy flashlight and voilà, I had recreated the old Sears flashlight. I had eliminated the complaints with the LED bulb & reflector. I weighed my old Sears flashlight and my new modified Dorcy flashlight. The Sears came in at 3 lbs. 1oz. and the modified Dorcy at 2 lbs. 13 oz. I am guessing that the 4 oz. difference is the plastic. The plastic in the case of the new Dorcy may not be as dense and/or thick. The new Dorcy may not be as durable as the old Sears flashlight.
Date:  7/22/2012
I am currently using over 12, 41-1035's at work. They are in my mind the best product Dorcy sells. Using a SILVERLED-1N6V bulb will get you over 10 continuous hours of run time before you go into the yellow and have to recharge.
Date:  6/6/2012
This light is great. I own a Craftsman ultrabeam and needed a battery and found out that Dorcy made the ultrabeam for sears. Bought a battery and a couple more lights. Very durable and dependable light
Date:  5/24/2012
From the day I bought it I had to hit it to make it work, now that don't even work its a piece of garbage
Date:  5/8/2012
Very nice flash light. Have used it for 5 years now. Just showed the battery down indicator all the time. 5 years single battery that too easily replaceable battery in India!!
Date:  3/8/2012
Very dependable light and has really good output too. I use it in my shop all the time.
Date:  8/20/2011
I have had mine for 8 yrs. The battery only last about an hour now, but it is still better than any I have seen. Mine is the blue craftsman ultrabeam.
Date:  8/2/2011
Nice light, same light as my old Craftsmen. I'm hoping to find a good LED upgrade for this new one.
Date:  3/24/2011
Without a doubt the most reliable lantern you can buy. Well worth the money. Very dependable, great for emergencies.
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