41-4297 150 Lumens 3AAA K2 LED Flashlight 

Price: $39.99 

Quick Specs
Lumens: 150
Run Time: 3 Hours
Beam Distance: 150 Meters
Bulb Type: LED
Batteries: 3 AAA (Included)
Length: 4.76" X 1.38

41-4297 150 Lumens 3AAA K2 LED Flashlight
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With 150 lumens of power, a 150 meter beam, and a handy, built in battery power indicator. The 41-4297 is a powerful and versatile flashlight.

The Dorcy 150 Lumen LED Flashlight features a high powered K2 Luxeon LED solid state diode for optimal light output and a 150 meter beam. The light is constructed of durable anodized aluminum and contains a recessed tail cap switch with a built-in LED battery indicator so you will always know how much power you have left. The battery indicator light shows green when more than 20% of battery power remains and turns red when less than 20% power remains. The 41-4297 comes complete with 3 AAA cell batteries.
Product Specifications
Lumens: 150
Run Time: 3 Hours
Beam Distance: 150 Meters
Bulb Type: LED
Batteries: 3 AAA (Included)
Product Material: 6463 Aluminum Alloy
Length: 4.76"
Bezel Diameter: 1.38"
Product Weight: Bulk .23 lbs
Product Weight: Packaged .45 lbs
Available Color(s): Black
Switch: Tail Cap Push Button
Additional Features: LED Forever Bulb & Tail Cap Power Indicator - Turns Green to Red when less that 20% power remains. 
UPC: 035355442977

Overall Customer Rating: (4.32)
Date:  12/7/2015
Have mine for roughly two years and love it! From Oct to April or so, I carry it with me everywhere. Compact, bright and most of all, tough! Ordered a heavy holster for it and have about worn that out, but the fleshlight itself shows no signs of quitting any time soon! Would (and have) recommended this to anyone!
Date:  4/23/2014
I originally reviewed this model on 10/28/2011 and gave it a good review, and now in 4/2014 I will say that the updated design changes that were put in place make this light one of the best values out there for a bright, compact and reliable light for inspections. These lights are carried by our in house and our contracted NDE/QC labor and see a great deal of use as well as abuse. They are often sprayed with decontamination spray, get dropped in the field and used in very wet conditions and yet they keep on performing well! Dorcy had taken care of me when the older design lights had problems with the tail switch by allowing me to order a handfull of new units at a discounted cost and they threw in a few extra units for good measure. Awesome customer retention. We have a collection of Dorcy models available at our facility, and these smaller lights are often the go to model for day to day inspection activities. I've tried other brands, but they never give the bright white light that photographs well nor do they have the long term build quality that Dorcy offers. You can spend a lot more on some of the designer brand lights out on the market, but at half the price or better, Dorcy will provide you a model that can run side by side with the best of the mega dollar top tier lights out on the market. Stick with Dorcy, you will not go wrong! Nuclear Engineer-ASNT NDE Level III
Date:  2/13/2014
This is a fantastic flashlight for keeping around the house. It puts out a good amount of light and with a decent range. I've certainly been enjoying the fact that the switch serves as a battery level indicator, the only problem being that even with low batteries it will sometimes switch to green. It can be a little confusing as to how low they really are. Regardless, the flashlight lasted for an unexpectedly long time on the included batteries. I wasn't expecting longevity from three AAA's, but it has performed incredibly well. This is the first flashlight I've had with a battery holder rather than putting them in one by one and have to say it's been a pleasant change. Since it has always come down to needing to replace batteries when the flashlight is most needed, it's made it a breeze since I picked up spare holders. Highly recommend this flashlight! It's certainly a bonus if you're a prop collector. This flashlight is prominently used by the main characters on Grimm which was what motivated my purchase in the first place. It was great to find it's not only a practical addition to my prop collection but also a very worthwhile flashlight in general.
Date:  11/1/2013
I carry this light every day as an EMT. I bought the old model a few years ago and loved it until the switch failed. Customer service was great and replaced the entire unit. I like that the new model has an upgraded switch and that the battery holder is now omni-directional - as long as the batteries are installed in the holder correctly, the holder can be installed in either direction. The weak spot in the design now is the contact points of the tail cap to the battery holder. If the light flickers when on, or the indicator turns red when you know the batteries are good, clean the contact points of the tail cap and the ends of the battery holder. I also bought the carry case to wear on my belt. It's made of basic nylon material of decent quality, but after maybe a month the belt loop stitches started to come out. I'm sure Dorcy would have replaced it, but a few stitches of my own and it was back in service. In all, I am very happy with this product and would recommend it.
Date:  9/5/2013
i took mine apart and cannot pot it back together can you send me instructions? Please help me
Date:  5/20/2012
Great lights. I bought 8 of them for the night crew and we are all quite impressed. I never had one of the ones with the old style switch but i am really impressed with switch performance on this one. Light output if revy bright and concentrated with very little spill. I would recommend this light.
Date:  11/22/2011
i had one of these lights for years and decided to buy another one. the new switch is so much better. it really makes the light perfect now. perfect size and very bright. i don't wear holsters but i bought the holster to store it in. i would recommend this light
Date:  10/28/2011
I work at a US Nuclear power plant as an NDE inspection tech and use DORCY lighting products exclusively. This light is a great tool. I wear BDU style cargo pants at work and these lights fit easily within the cargo pockets to facilitate hands free climbing. These lights are great for doing plant walkdowns and inspections. They provide a very bright white light that photographs extremely well. I recomend these for you if you are in a position where you need large light output in a pocket sized package that can also run through multiple days of field inspections before battery replacement is an issue. I also recomend using NMH rechargable batteries to save on your overhead costs of buying cases of batteries. DORCY products pass the test!
Date:  10/18/2011
Dear Dorcy Flashlight Dudes: It seems that the contact points inside the flashlight need frequent cleaning to resolve the illumination intermittency and apparent battery meter problems. Gold plating all of the electrical contacts would probably remedy these issues. Additionally, the tail-cap threads are a little too fine, making it difficult to screw closed when replacing the batteries. Also, if the tail-cap switch had a "momentary on" feature it would be a great plus for tactical use and battery conservation. Otherwise, it's probably my best and favorite flashlight now due to it's compact size, brightness, use of common inexpensive batteries, and reasonable price. Another feature that might be useful would be electronic voltage regulation so that the output of the lamp stays constant throughout the life of the batteries. "Brightness fade" with battery drain went out with the incandescent bulb flashlight. It's easy enough to carry spare sets of AAA batteries so that when the tail-cap meter turns red, you can be prepared to replace the batteries. I had to replace my battery holder too. Happily, Dorcy Direct Customer service rates FIVE (5) Stars !!!!! Dorcy Flashlight Dudes, are you paying attention? Thank you. ~ Cliff W., CPO
Date:  2/24/2011
I have to agree with 3/20 review. Mine worked well for a little while the the light will be half bright or won't turn of. It seems to be green and then turns to red. You tap on the rear and it will get brighter and change to green. All this and I had lost my receipt...
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