41-1017 4 LED Lantern 

Price: $9.99 

Quick Specs
Lumens: 40
Run Time: 70 Hours
Beam Distance: N/A
Bulb Type: LED 
Batteries: 4 AA
Product Dimensions: 6.75" L
Bezel Diameter: 4.5"
41-1017 4 LED Lantern
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The 4AA 4 LED Mini Lantern features a sleek and compact design with 4 super bright 5MM LEDs which allow for 360° of light output and a 70 hour run time. A side mounted dial switch and built-in hang hook within the handle make this light easy and convenient to use. Requires 4 AA cell batteries (not included). The 4AA - 4 LED Mini Lantern is available in assorted colors – red, blue, yellow, and purple.

Product Specifications
Lumens: 40
Run Time: 70 Hours
Beam Distance: N/A
Bulb Type: LED 
Batteries: 4 AA (Not Included)
Product Material: ABS Body
Product Dimensions: 6.75" L
Bezel Diameter: 4.5"
Product Weight: .43 lbs
Product Weight: Packaged .45 lbs
Available Color(s): Purple, Yellow, Red, and Blue
Switch: Rotating
Additional Features: 4 LEDs In One Lantern for 360° of Light
LED Forever Bulb
Handle Hang Hook
Lightweight and Portable
UPC: 035355410174
41-3015 - 2 pack with batteries3 pack with batteries
41-3019 - 3 pack with batteries3 pack with batteries
Overall Customer Rating: (3.71)
Date:  11/6/2013
I purchased two at Cabela's earlier this year...one is still working fine however the other is failing...there are four small LED's in the unit...one is not working and another is flickering..I know they are inexpensive but they should would for more then two uses...I will say that it does do a nice job of lighting up the tent
Date:  11/4/2012
My mother used this during power outage and it was great! Very strong light.
Date:  11/4/2012
I had to write a review because i am still dealing with Sandy and these lights have been wonderful. I've had these for a couple few years now and really like them. In the summer we use them on the deck at night. We do not expect power to be back on until the 8th. So the other day i ordered more and already got them on Sat.I am at a friends house using her internet to pay bills and ordering more lights for the neighbors. I also own the 41-3108 camping lantern which has also been great. Alice Montclair, NJ
Date:  8/24/2012
I only used it one time. Now I can't get it to turn on at all. Can't even disassemble it to replace the bulb. Unless someone can tell me how to replace the bulb, I'll have to throw it away.
Date:  6/9/2012
Power outage, camping, end of the world, this, in many ways is the perfect small lantern. It is bright, but not harsh, great runtime, and uses regular AA batteries. It also has a cute factor with the colors and the oriental lantern styling. In a power outage, I would be very comfortable giving one of these to my 6 yr old grandson, it is easy to use and durable. For the cost, yeah, buy a bunch of them for a yard party... very cute and user-friendly.
Date:  7/14/2011
We now have six of these (they came in 3-packs at Ace Hardware) and they serve us well as nighttime patio and deck lights, plus the granddaughters love to tote them around as "fairy lights." They also are a great comfort in power outages. We have had them for three years, and I was beginning to think the batteries would never run down until I had to change cells in four of them after our July 4 party this summer. The other two are still going strong on the originals.
Date:  2/27/2010
these light work great. Gave one to my mother for her apartment since the power goes out all of the time. Now everyone in her building has one :)
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