41-2098 115 Lumen LED Headlight 

Price: $24.99 

Quick Specs
Lumens: 115
Run Time: 2 Hours
Beam Distance: 100 Meters
Bulb Type: LED
Batteries: 3 AAA (Included)
Product Dimensions: 2.87”  X  2.25  x 1.45
41-2098 115 Lumen LED Headlight
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With its intense beam of light that projects over 100 meters, the Dorcy 115 Lumen LED Headlight is the brightest headlight on the market today. Features include an easy to operate push button switch mounted on the side of the headlight, full and half power brightness settings, and an attached ratcheting device which allows the headlight to be adjusted to the appropriate angle. A comfortable and adjustable elastic strap allows for hands-free use. The 115 Lumen LED Headlight comes complete with 3 AAA cell batteries.

Product Specifications
Lumens: 115
Run Time: 2 Hours
Beam Distance: 100 Meters
Bulb Type: LED
Batteries: 3 AAA (Included)
Product Material: ABS Plastic
Product Dimensions: 2.87”
Bezel Diameter: 1.65”
Product Weight:Bulk 0.21 lbs
Product Weight: Packaged .35 lbs
Available Color(s): Silver
Switch: Push Button On/Off Switch
Two Brightness Settings: Full and Half Power
Additional Features: LED Forever Bulb
UPC: 035355420982

Overall Customer Rating: (5.00)
Date:  12/5/2012
great light comes in handy when working on something that requires both hands lights real bright for the first 30 minutes then dims a bit but still bright enough to keep going....
Date:  7/27/2012
Great light. It has saved me several times around the house doing such things such as powering down a circuit breaker to allow reattaching a loose ceiling power box. Changing loose wall receptacles, working under sinks, or working on my autos. To be able to safely walk my dogs at night is a bonus. It is a well constructed light the only concern that I see is short battery life. But the new Dorcy head lights are both smaller and have a longer battery life. Eliminating that problem.
Date:  7/17/2012
i ride horses,its too hot during the day right now this thing works great,ive had many,even a 75led,this blows them all away,24 bucks,its made well,very tuff,very bright,almost too bright for a horse ,i keep it on low,it has spot light character w/ a broad circle of light,perfect for the horse to see surroundings,even at a gallop.gonna make some great gifts for the people i ride w/,there already wanting one,simply blows theres away,i will be getting more in case i loose it or if the 1000lb animal steps on it.the elastic band is very strong,my others got weak w/in a few times of use, & they would fall off at a trot or gallop & get smashed by the horses behind me,i dont see this one having that problem.
Date:  5/26/2012
Bought this to replace my Coleman maxx 108lm headlamp that stopped working, this headlamp is much brighter than my Coleman. Wish I found this a year ago.
Date:  12/9/2011
I run in the dark at 5:00 am everyday with this light. It is excellent. Fits well on my head or over a hat. I do go through batteries in about 3 hours. It is still light but not brilliant. I have tried several models and brands. This is the best by far in brightness and cost. Plus Customer service is outstanding. I had an issue with another light and it was replaced with a new model. Gotta love these guys.
Date:  2/2/2011
This headlamp puts out light like you would not believe, considering its small size. I use it on my mountain bike. Outperforms specialty bike lights in the 100-150 dollar range. When not on my bike, it is the only flashlight I use for work and play. Well worth the few extra dollars more than a competitors headlamp, both in light it produces and build quality.
Date:  12/1/2010
My wife and I love fishing, hiking and camping, and our "headlights" are indispensable. We bought a pair of Dorcy 41-2098 headlamps, and compared them to our old headlamps. No real comparison. No bells and whistles combinations of spot,flood and red light - just bright, white light and LOTS of it! Nearly three times brighter than our old headlamps, you have the option of on, off, full power and half power. Great for hunting, hiking, fishing while leaving your hands free. Great product from Dorcy.
Date:  3/5/2010
Date:  2/27/2010
wow this thing is bright. I use it while walking both dogs and itgives me hands free to try to control both of my sheperds
Date:  12/26/2009
This light is perfect for that early morning or late afternoon hunt. Thank you for a great product.
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