41-4750 190 Lumen LED flashlight 4AA HARDWARE YELLOW 

Price: $24.99 


Quick Specs
Lumens: 180
Run Time: 5 Hours
Beam Distance: 275 Meters
Bulb Type: LED
Batteries: 4 AA Included
Product Dimensions: 7.8" L X 1.5" W
Bezel Diameter: 2.25"
 Weight  6.8 oz with batteries 3.4 oz without

Yellow Flashlight | 190 Lumen LED Yellow Flashlight | 41-4750
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The 190 Lumen LED Cyber Light Flashlight takes advantage of leading technology with its True Spot Reflector system that gives you a 275 Meter beam of light. The super bright high flux LED produces 180 Lumens, lasting for 5 hours of continuous use. The LED Cyber Light uses the highest strength materials for the lens and housing, making it incredibly durable and withstands an 8 foot drop test. The 180 Lumen LED Cyber Light Flashlight comes complete with 4 AA cell batteries and a nylon lanyard. Batteries are insert by unscrewing the bottom of the light.

Product Specifications
Lumens: 190
Run Time: 5 Hours
Beam Distance: 275 Meters
Bulb Type: LED
Batteries: 4 AA Included
Product Material: Plastic
Product Dimensions: 7.8" L X 1.5" W
Bezel Diameter: 2.25"
Product Weight: 6.8 oz with batteries 3.4 oz without
Available Color(s): Yellow/Black
Switch: Push button Top
Additional Features: - 8 Ft drop test, true spot reflector system
 To install batteries:
 Twist bottom of the light. Black end cap will twist off
 UPC  035355447507

Overall Customer Rating: (4.72)
Date:  7/26/2012
This flashlight is amazing. Light weight and great/bright light.
Date:  6/9/2012
Yeah, the first impression can be a little disappointing... we have gotten used to quality lights being made from metal, and sleek. This is plastic, and not sleek. It looks like a plastic toy from China. But, as others have said, load the batteries and prepare to be amazed. Example: I was doing a slight bathroom remodel and had to cut the room lights to do rewiring. I took this flashlight and stood it on end, and it lit up the room very nicely... for 4 hours or work! And, I am still running the same batteries a year later. I have bought a second one to keep in the truck. It may not be a shiny tactical wonder, but it's the best flashlight I ever owned.
Date:  3/8/2012
What a great light this is. It is a little brighter than my Streamlight C4 LED stinger! It's a great nightstand light and has a really good runtime.
Date:  12/23/2011
I just can't say enough about this light. I do a lot of outdoor activities in desolate areas and own several high end flashlights and I just cannot honestly believe there's a better flashlight in existence for this price. On sale, I got mine for around $18 and it's one of the best flashlights I've ever owned. Extremely bright, super white and a long throw. Plus it uses the most common battery out there, the AA. I will be buying more of these!
Date:  10/28/2011
Used in a US Nuclear power plant for performing NDE Related inspections. This light is a power house! The durable design has been drop tested from scaffolding many times by me and I have yet to see failure from one of these units. The only negative I can bring up is that the plastic housing will not shed the heat during long run times in hot (over 100°) temps and after about 1.5 hours the light will not turn off without unscrewing the rear battery cover. Other than that issue, and it is one that many users may never experiance, this light is the king. Light weight, small enough to fit in your cargo pants pocket, durable, and cost effective with a run time that allows for extended use. Highly recomended for any rough service industrial use.
Date:  4/27/2011
One of the brightest flashlights I have ever owned, and it didn't cost an arm and a leg!. Seriously, get this light....It throws like a spotlight, but is the size of a normal flashlight. It is also made of tough plastic and can take a good fall. For the money, you won't find a light anywhere near it's light output!. Awesome light!
Date:  2/22/2011
Excellent light for inspecting Code welds and parts with. It is light weight,comfortable,bright beam and has stood up to our departments accidental drop tests. We have ordered more for our stock. Thanks Dorcey for this durable flashlight!
Date:  2/10/2011
This is the best flashlight I have owned.
Date:  12/31/2010
I bought one of these in July. I live by a horse pasture that my cats like to cross at night to hunt. It lights up the other end of the pasture. It light is not as wide as the rechargeable spotlight, but it goes the distance.
Date:  12/16/2010
This light is amazing. Bright, durable and lightweight. Was a little confused on how to put the batteries in since both ends are square. The bottom twists off for anyone else who was wondering. larry
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