41-1080 750 Lumen LED Spotlight 

Price: $69.99 

Quick Specs
Lumens: 750
Run Time: 7 Hours
Beam Distance: 275 Meters
Bulb Type: 3 LED
Batteries: Rechargeable AC/DC
Product Dimensions: 7.4" L x 4.00" W
Stands 9" Tall
41-1080 500 Lumen Rechargeable Spotlight
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Most spotlights force you to choose between power and run time. Now you can have both!
With 750 lumens of ultra-bright power, 7 hours of run time on a single charge, and a beam distance of over 275 meters, the 41-1080 has the power and long battery life to satisfy even the most demanding user.

The 41-1080 Spotlight features 3 super bright, high flux Cree LEDs which provide 750 lumens of light and a beam distance of over 275 meters. An incredible 7 hours of run time is accomplished using Dorcy's new battery saver technology.

Other features include rugged construction, no slip rubber grip, convenient trigger locking switch, and the ability to charge via both AC and DC connections. A perfectly proportioned design allows the light to stand on its own for hands free use. The 41-1080 comes complete with AC and DC adapters for easy recharging, at home or on the go.

Product Specifications
Lumens: 750
Run Time: 7 Hours
Beam Distance: 275 Meters
Bulb Type: 3 LEDs
Batteries: Rechargeable AC/DC
Product Material: Rubber / Plastic
Product Dimensions: 7.4" L x 4.00" W
Stands 9" Tall
Dimensions Head: 4.5"
Product Weight: 2.75 lbs
Product Weight: Packaged 3.65
Available Color(s): Yellow/Black
Switch: Locking Trigger
Additional Features: AC and DC Chargers Included, Hands Free Operation
UPC: 035355410808
Replacement Parts:
Battery: 41-0796
  AC Charger: 41-8086
  DC Charger: 41-8081


Overall Customer Rating: (3.42)
Date:  12/8/2015
Light worked great, own two of them. When recently plugging-in the included charger, the little plastic port cracked making access to the charger port impossible and making the light useless. A Two-cent piece of Chinese plastic has ruined a $50.00 light !
Date:  2/10/2015
Heavy and awkward to hold for very long. On/off is poorly located so that you accidentally shut it off all the time with your trigger finger. And once it shuts off it usually won't come back on. Most annoying of all, the battery won't hold a charge. I stupidly bought two of these and both are exactly the same. I didn't get a lemon...they ARE lemons (perhaps that's why they are yellow?). DON'T BUY THIS ONE.
Date:  2/12/2014
Charging port broke second time I used it and fell into lantern, requiring disassembly to recharge. Really poor plastic material, it crumbled just by touching it.
Date:  12/4/2013
Just purchased online. waiting for delivery. Wondering if the charging system will tolerate being on the charger all the time?
Date:  10/31/2013
This is an amazing flashlight. It's the brightest light I've every owned, and I've got a fetish for flashlights. I use it as a work light for projects so that it stays one for a half hour or so, also for looking at those things that make noise in the night; I just turn it on once and a while to admire how good it is. 'Hardly ever needs a charge, I've had it for over 2 years and I see no deterioration in the battery or the quality of the light. I'd certainly recommend to a friend!
Date:  8/4/2013
I just bought this a couple of weeks ago at Sears and it was kind of a spur of the moment purchase. I really didn't need a spotlight i just thought it would be fun to have and always wanted one but never had purshcesed one before. Was i right. I find myself using this thing all of the time. I just had to do some plumbing and the area was not lit up very well so I propet it up and let it run for an hour and it was perfect. Used it the other day to help the nieghbor look for his cat. Used it to take out the trash... Now I find myself on the Dorcy sight looking for what other fun items I can buy. and there is plenty. I am not sure what i did with out a spotlight before.
Date:  7/19/2013
I love this flash light its seen me through a lot of times but I've come acrossed the same issue with my battery dying completely and not holding its charge anymore. I purchased mine from Sears for a lot less than what this website is selling it for I bought it for around $35 dollars before taxes. Its a really powerful and bright flash light I live in northern Florida it comes in handy at night time when outside I used to keep it in the truck. Pros: 1. Great powerful bright flash light. 2. I've repeatedly dropped the spotlight its built pretty tough it can take some hits. 3. Comes in handy in a lot of situations; Power outages, fixing vehicles, I've even used it for when you hear things like bears or hogs even people that might be around the property its a good spotlight to have. Cons: 1. Its heavy not easily portable when hands are not free unless you're carrying a pack. 2. Battery didn't last long its completely dead. 3. Can be harmful or annoying in the hands of someone irresponsible.
Date:  4/22/2013
Battery does not hold a charge. The charger port broke within a few weeks of use. The company will repair it, but only if I ship it back to them at a cost of about $10.
Date:  1/19/2013
Received as a gift. Works great for my needs to follow by dogs at night on my fenced field. Battery holds a charge. Like any other lead-cid batteries, the longer it sits without being charged (such as warehouse) is detrimental to the battery once the voltage drops to a certain point. Battery is easily replaceable from here or other sites. Only negative is no lanyard for the wrist. Looking forward to a more powerful one in the next generation of lights.
Date:  1/3/2013
No longer charges. I came by to see if there was an upgraded model but I guess not. Might have to buy a new battery if I can fix it.
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