41-6407 LED Glow Light - Glow Stick 

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Quick Specs
Lumens: -
Run Time: 200 Hours
Beam Distance: 50 Feet
Bulb Type: 5MM LED
Batteries: Button Cell Batteries ( Included )
Product Material: Plastic
Product Dimensions: 7.5" L X .65" W
Glow Lights | LED Glow Sticks | 41-6407
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The 5MM LED Glow Stick Flashlight features a unique lightweight design. The flashlight contains a super bright colored 5MM LED. The flashlight is durably construction and features a tail cap push button switch for ease of use. For added safety, the LED glow lights have a special breakaway nylon neck lanyard. The flashlight provides 200 hours of continuous use and comes complete with button cell batteries. The 5MM LED Glow Stick Flashlight is available in assorted colors – green, blue, purple, and orange. .
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Product Specifications
Lumens: 4 Lumen
Run Time: 200 Hours
Beam Distance: 50 Feet
Bulb Type: 5MM LED
Batteries: Button Cell Batteries ( Included )
Product Material: Plastic
Product Dimensions: 7.5" L X .65" W
Bezel Diameter: -
Product Weight: .15 lbs
Available Color(s): Orange/Purple/Green/Blue
Switch: Push Button Switch
Additional Features:
  1. Super Bright 5MM LED
  2. Durable Tail Cap Push Button Switch
  3. Pull-Away Nylon Neck Lanyard
  4. Assorted Colors
 UPC  035355464078
Overall Customer Rating: (4.00)
Date:  12/2/2013
Great for camping - they made perfect night lights for the kids tents - after they played with them all night! They worked all weekend long on one set of batteries.
Date:  7/12/2013
They are great! I'd like to ask the friend who has replaced the batteries, how he got the end cap off? It has threads which you can see, but seems to be glued on or something. I don't want to break it taking it off.
Date:  3/23/2012
By far my favorite Dorcy product! There is no other Glow light that is this bright & does exactly what I need it too do. Couldn't ask for a better product!
Date:  8/31/2011
Batteries ARE replaceable, they just don't tell you how. You unscrew the top, pull out the innards with a pair of tweezers, and swap the batteries. They take 3 AG13 watch batteries. I can buy a package of 8 of these batteries for $1 at our local dollar store.
Date:  8/2/2011
I bought it thinking my kids could play with it and I could just get some cheap batteries for it but you can't even take the batteries out! It's a disposable light!! Crap!
Date:  12/17/2010
I purchased 1 orange & 1 green glow stick. The green one had a green bulb. The orange one had a white bulb, only it's top was orange. Also the batteries do not come out, once they run out that's it; it goes in the trash or recycle bin.
Date:  2/26/2010
bought a case of these and they are so much better than the one use glow sticks. on when you need them and they just keep lasting. my sone left one on under his bed and we found it a week later and it is still on.
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