41-1643 30 Lumen 3V Replacement BulbĀ 

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41-1643 30 Lumen 3V Replacement Bulb
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The 30 Lumen – 3V LED Replacement Bulb is the perfect way to upgrade your old flashlights. This conversion bulb operates with any 2 cell – AA, C, or D – flashlight. This bulb is a 10 year bulb, and allows for 100,000 hours of use before any change is required. The 30 lumens of light output provides greater value and visibility to older flashlights. 30 Lumen – 3V LED

Works On Any 2 Cell – AA, C, or D

100,000 Hours of Life
10 Year Bulb

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    Overall Customer Rating: (4.75)
    Date:  11/2/2013
    I've used several of these with good results. As long as the bulb's cost doesn't over shadow the cost of the flashlight,it appears to be a good move.
    Date:  12/9/2012
    Vs. this LED a Zenon bulb is a little less bright & $2.36pr approx, krypton noticeably dimmer $1.48pr approx, reg old bulbs even more dim, dorcy led is a blueish light but all led's take much less power for 30 lumens & last about forever. $7 ea I paid. Locally for all. Just wish they made an even brighter version. I've used these in 2 D & 2 AA flashlights & love both. Maybe 20% less light on the 2 AA but for the size is fantastic.
    Date:  11/23/2011
    Just a note: From my experiencve these bulbs ARE "polarity sensitive." They did NOT work in my rechargeable emergency power failure lamps until I rewired the fixture to the proper polarity.
    Date:  6/6/2011
    Installed this to upgrade my 1960s Eveready "Captain" flashlight. Great product, nice and bright. A marked improvement over the krypton bulb I was using before. I was very impressed with the brightness and useful spread of this bulb. Good job Dorcy!
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