41-1643 30 Lumen 3V Replacement BulbĀ 

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41-1643 30 Lumen 3V Replacement Bulb
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The 41-1643 30 Lumen – 3V LED Replacement Bulb is the perfect way to upgrade your old flashlights. This conversion bulb operates with any 2 cell – AA, C, or D flashlight. This 10 year bulb allows for 100,000 hours of use before any change is required. Its 30 lumens of light output provides greater value and visibility to older flashlights.

Works On Any 2 Cell – AA, C, or D

100,000 Hours of Life
10 Year Bulb

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    Overall Customer Rating: (4.75)
    Date:  11/2/2013
    I've used several of these with good results. As long as the bulb's cost doesn't over shadow the cost of the flashlight,it appears to be a good move.
    Date:  12/9/2012
    Vs. this LED a Zenon bulb is a little less bright & $2.36pr approx, krypton noticeably dimmer $1.48pr approx, reg old bulbs even more dim, dorcy led is a blueish light but all led's take much less power for 30 lumens & last about forever. $7 ea I paid. Locally for all. Just wish they made an even brighter version. I've used these in 2 D & 2 AA flashlights & love both. Maybe 20% less light on the 2 AA but for the size is fantastic.
    Date:  11/23/2011
    Just a note: From my experiencve these bulbs ARE "polarity sensitive." They did NOT work in my rechargeable emergency power failure lamps until I rewired the fixture to the proper polarity.
    Date:  6/6/2011
    Installed this to upgrade my 1960s Eveready "Captain" flashlight. Great product, nice and bright. A marked improvement over the krypton bulb I was using before. I was very impressed with the brightness and useful spread of this bulb. Good job Dorcy!
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