41-1644 40 Lumen 4.5V - 6V LED Replacement BulbĀ 

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41-1644 40 Lumen 4.5V - 6V LED Replacement Bulb


The 40 Lumen – 4.5V to 6V LED Replacement Bulb is the perfect way to upgrade your old flashlights. This conversion bulb operates with any 3 cell , 4 cell, or 6V lantern or flashlight. This bulb is a 10 year bulb, and allows for 100,000 hours of use before any change is required. The 40 lumens of light output provides greater value and visibility to older flashlights.

Works On Any 3 Cell, 4 Cell, or 6V Lantern
100,000 Hours of Life
10 Year Bulb

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    Overall Customer Rating: (4.33)
    Date:  8/24/2012
    Installed in a 3D Maglite, but it's not nearly as bright as the Dorcy 41-1643 30 Lumen 3V Replacement Bulb in a cheap 2D flashlight we have.
    Date:  2/26/2011
    Excellent value! Only draws 135-ma on new D-cells (likely 180-ma average), so a set of 4 D-cells in my lanterns ought to go 70+ hours! Equal but much whiter light v.s. standard 6-volt glass bulbs. I may even convert my lanterns to use 8 AA-cells (2 parellel strings of 4) that will save weight and still go 25 hours! You can't go wrong using this LED bulb!
    Date:  12/30/2010
    I put this bulb in an Everready 6V lantern and it worked great. The lantern cost $3.97 including battery and this new bulb cost $6.99 but the battery will last longer and the bulb will last longer so I guess I have a nice flashlight.
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