41-4416 200 Lumen Focusing Flashlight 

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Quick Specs
Lumens: 200
Run Time: 3 Hours
Beam Distance: 130 Meters
Bulb Type: LED
Batteries: 3 AA Included
Product Dimensions:  7.5" L X 1" W
41-4416 200 Lumen Focusing Flashlight
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The 200 Lumen LED Metal Gear Focusing Flashlight features the use of True Spot optic lens technology, allowing for light projection of over 130 Meters. The flashlight is constructed of anodized aluminum for greater durability. This flashlight features an adjustable beam, allowing the flashlight to focus down from a wide field flood to a concentrated spot. The flashlight contains a dual functional tail cap switch, twist on and off functionality or true tactical push button switch. The LED Metal Gear Flashlight comes complete with 3 AA cell batteries.

Product Specifications
Lumens: 200
Run Time:  3 Hours
Beam Distance: 130 Meters
Bulb Type: LED
Batteries: 3 AA Included
Product Material: Anodized Aluminum
Product Dimensions:  7.5" L X 1" W
Dimensions Head:   1.38
Product Weight:   
Available Color(s): Black
Switch: Twist on/off and tactical
Additional Features: Adjustable Beam
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Overall Customer Rating: (4.67)
Date:  2/24/2014
Excellent quality and emits a very powerful beam. The focusing feature is what impressed me the most. Without question, an outstanding flash light.
Date:  9/12/2012
Great light for the price. Its bright and has an excellent spot focus feature on the lens. However I think I would prefer a push button switch on the rear of the flashlight. Its still a great flashlight and one that I would recommend to my friends.
Date:  1/11/2012
I purchased this model 41-4416 from Amazon and the blister package shows 200 lumens and a 5 hour run time. All o9ther vendors selling this model also indicate the above specs. Apparently 41-4416 has now been downgraded to only 150 lumens and 3 hrs. run time on new production flashlights with the same 41-4416 model number.
Date:  1/18/2011
Great flashlight. Tail of the rotating adjustable head could be longer to afford beter stability in spot position.
Date:  1/15/2011
Nice and Bright. To turn it on/off you have to twist the tail cap. Personally, I don't like that design, as it feels less than solid in the off position.
Date:  1/13/2011
This is my favorite EDC light. Light output is great, runtime is great, focus feature is very useful and not gimmicky. Only thing cheap about this light is the price.
Date:  1/6/2011
Great lite for the money .. super bright , only wish it had a push button switch on the back of it , instead of twist on/off .. thanks
Date:  12/19/2010
fabules flashlight briter then he__. sorry almst typed it in. this thing is briter ten the big light the police use it's suprising that it goes to a sharp point for spotlight. Dorcy you did it you got the best flashlight around. thank you
Date:  12/6/2010
Great light, to get a light of similar power from another manufacturer, you would have to spend at least 5 times as much. Like a police spot light! Very happy with this purchase.
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