41-2097 134 Lumen Lightweight Headlight 

Price: $24.99 

Quick Specs
Lumens: 134
Run Time: 12 Hours
Beam Distance: 118 Meters
Bulb Type: LED
Batteries: 3 AAA (Included)
Product Dimensions: 2.75" W x 1.50" Depth x 1.5" H
41-2097 134 Lumen Lightweight Headlight
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The new 41-2097 lightweight headlight is loaded with features. Although small, it produces 134 lumens of bright light output in a spot beam. With 12 hours of run time, a beam distance of 118 meters, and 3 brightness modes (full power, half power, and strobe), this headlight is perfect for countless tasks. Weighing in at only 2.9 ounces with batteries, this light will not feel heavy even after hours of use. 3 AAA batteries are included.
Product Specifications
Lumens: 134
Run Time: 12 Hours
Beam Distance: 118 Meters
Bulb Type: LED
Batteries: 3 AAA (Included)
Product Material: Plastic
Product Dimensions: 2.75" W X 1.5" Depth X 1.5 H
Bezel Diameter: 1.5"
Product Weight: .182 lbs.
Product Weight: Packaged .25 lbs.
Available Color(s): Black / Gold Bezel Ring
Switch: Push Button Top
Additional Features: Lightweight, Weather Resistant, 3 Light Modes:
Full Power, Half Power, and Strobe Mode
UPC: 035355420975
    Overall Customer Rating: (4.83)
    Date:  7/28/2015
    Was 5 stars until one of the retaining pieces for the headband broke. Albeit the failure occurred after a year or so of hard use. Light output is excellent. Unit is comfortable to wear against skin. Triple A batteries are convenient. Please improve durability/ruggedness. Also would like to be able to order a replacement battery cover, and headband for unit.
    Date:  1/26/2015
    Excellent product! Light weight, doesn't move around on your head when walking; great beam focus - lots of range. Super value - I bought two and use them often.
    Date:  12/22/2014
    very bright, light and snug... cant ask for more
    Date:  12/18/2014
    I have purchased three of these lights. One for me, my son and a friend. They all love it! I recently had a plumbing problem under the house. This light left both hands free to work, and the angle adjustment of the beam was a life saver. GREAT product for the money. Thinking about buying "an extra one or two".
    Date:  1/5/2014
    Bought it for my son, he rides snowmobiles at night, Nice to have if he ever breaks down out on some dark trail. .
    Date:  12/23/2013
    Light works great. I work nights and have to look at a lot of drawings.
    Date:  11/18/2013
    Alsome light, I use it everyday. I use it for working on projects, walking the dogs, any time I need a light. I have a acre of yard I use it at night to check out the backyard if the dogs start barking. It saves me from getting out the big spotlight. It also stays put on my forehead even when walking & night fishing.
    Date:  11/16/2013
    Bought this headlight recently and love it.It has a bright beam that lasts a decent amount of time with rechargeable batteries.I use this light at work when I am changing water meters because there are times that I can't hold a flashlight and the meter at the same time. I like it because it is lightweight and has an easy adjustable beam that goes up and down.This would be a handy light for plumbing jobs or even working on a car.I have a large collection of Dorcy flashlights and have no problems whatsoever with them.I recommend Dorcy products because they are reliable and have a very bright beam of light that lasts for a long time. Thank You! Dorcy
    Date:  8/15/2012
    Decent output, but it drops in brightness pretty quick. I really wish Dorcy would come out with an AA headlight. I really hate AAA battery lights.
    Date:  6/28/2012
    Very bright. High mode (134 lumens), low mode (70 lumens), and flashing mode (134 lumens at 3 pulses per second) are all useful. Batteries included. The headstrap is really good. The beam is a bit square-ish. Not bad for the money.
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