About Us

We’ve been improving flashlights for over 55 years.

What Makes Dorcy Special?

1. Factory Ownership-- Dorcy is the only flashlight manufacturer to have true factory ownership.  

2. End-To-End Manufacturing-- To deliver the best product in the world, every aspect of the flashlight has to be designed to work together. This is why we have research teams devoted to reflector technology, LED technology, bulb technology, battery technology, advanced materials, and flashlight design.

3. Value for Your Money-- Our customers want a wide range of quality products at exceptionally good prices. We understand. We’re so confident of our price and quality standards that we offer a 30-day money back guarantee on every item we carry.

For most of our history we’ve been selling products through 20,000+ retail partner stores. But we wanted to develop a direct relationship with end users (like you) so in 2007, Dorcy Direct (DorcyDirect.com) was established.

Why Buy From DorcyDirect.com?

1. On DorcyDirect.com you can always expect fast shipping, a great selection, excellent customer service. If you buy it on DorcyDirect.com there is a no hassle warranty and returns policy.

2. Retail stores carry only part of our product line. On DorcyDirect.com you can see our entire line of flashlights, headlamps, lanterns, and so much more. .

3. The latest innovations from our research labs are released on DorcyDirect.com first and retail stores second.

 About us